Great Advice For Traveling With Hearing Aids

traveling with hearing aids

The weather is starting to change, and the urge to hit the road is upon us. Everyone loves a vacation, including those with hearing problems. With planning and preparation, a hearing-impaired individual can avoid problems with hearing aids and enjoy their holiday to the fullest. Handling busy airports, hotels, and tourist attractions will be no problem for you or your hearing aids.

Assemble A Travel Kit

A kit that holds all you need to keep your hearing aids functioning correctly on vacation is essential and is the perfect way to keep your items in one place. Make a list of the things you will need and be sure it includes the following items:

  • Extra hearing aid batteries. Travel increases the chances that you will wear your hearing aids longer than you typically wear them. The result of this is a quicker battery drain. Furthermore, it may be difficult to find extra batteries in a strange place. Be sure you pack extras.
  • A charging station. Do you have rechargeable hearing aids? If you do, do not forget the charging station and the cord.
  • Cleaning kit. Hearing aids receive additional wear and tear during travel and sticking to a regular cleaning schedule can prove challenging. Keep your cleaning items together and make it a point to clean your items daily if possible.
  • Dryer/dehumidifier. Is any water involved in your travel itinerary? Maybe an ocean, a river, or a lake? A means to dry your hearing aids after a day at a beach or other humid environment is essential. Remember to dry your hearing aids out thoroughly every night.
  • Bluetooth accessories. If your hearing aid uses Bluetooth accessories, remember to carry them with you. These fittings such as a remote mic can ease communication in loud places.
  • Domes and wax guards. These extras can prevent problems with a misshapen dome or clogged wax guard from ruining your adventures.

Flying With Hearing Aids

Does the upcoming holiday include a flight? Flying with hearing aids can present extra challenges. Following are tips to make your flying experience more enjoyable if you are traveling with hearing aids:

  • Keep the hearing aids in your ears while you fly. Do not remove your hearing aids just because you are flying. By doing this, you will be less inclined to forget your hearing aids, and you will be able to hear all of the friendly announcements during the flight.
  • Keep all hearing aid supplies in a carry-on bag. Keeping your hearing aids close to you will allow you to have your hearing aid supplies in case of a layover or lost luggage.
  • Wear hearing aids through the security process. You will not lose them, and they will not set off the metal detectors either!
  • Leave hearing aids turned on during the flight. Overhead announcements regarding turning off electronic devices do not apply to hearing Leave them in so you will not miss any important messages.
  • Make use of visual cues to improve communication while traveling. Visual cues can help in the navigation of challenging environments.
  • Don’t keep hearing loss a secret while traveling. Make a point to let flight attendants and traveling companions know that you have trouble hearing and ask for aid if you need it.

Traveling with your hearing aids is all about being organized. Put together a travel kit with all of your essential hearing aid items and follow the great tips if traveling by air. Enjoy your vacation and do not let a hearing problem keep you from having a great time.

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