Handling Tinnitus in the Workplace

Working with tinnitus

Tinnitus is a perceived ringing in the ears when no actual sound is present. The condition can also be described as a clicking, whistling, swooshing, buzzing, or hissing sound. No matter the exact type of sound that a tinnitus patient perceives, there is no doubt that the condition can be a frustrating one. In serious… Continue reading Handling Tinnitus in the Workplace

The Emotional Distress Of Tinnitus

Most of us have experienced a temporary ‘ringing’ in our ears at some point in our lives.  Maybe it was the result of a concert that was too loud and way too much fun. Maybe it was due to a loud noise exposure at work.  Whatever the cause, we know that this temporary condition is… Continue reading The Emotional Distress Of Tinnitus

Why Two Hearing Aids Are Always Better Than One

Millions of people around the world are now affected by hearing loss and the effects it can have on relationships and daily life. When hearing loss becomes a concern, the decision to see a professional for a hearing evaluation and get fitted for hearing aids can be a big one. You may wonder how hearing… Continue reading Why Two Hearing Aids Are Always Better Than One

Musicians Need Earplugs Too!

The chances are that if you attend a rock concert, an orchestra recital, or go to a jazz club, you will see musicians wearing earplugs. The reason is simple and probably obvious. Musicians wear earplugs to protect their hearing from irreversible hearing damage. The ability to hear well is vital to a musician, making earplugs… Continue reading Musicians Need Earplugs Too!

Mindful Meditation And Tinnitus

We’ve all experienced settling in for a restful night’s sleep in a quiet room. We snuggle down under the covers and relax our minds, waiting for beautiful slumber to set in. Then, we hear the sink drip. Or we hear a tree branch tap a window. After a few minutes, we can’t do anything but… Continue reading Mindful Meditation And Tinnitus