The Best Gifts for the Hearing Impaired

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Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or other special event, gift giving isn’t always the easiest. We have to consider the person’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and habits, our budget and time and then, once we finally decide, hope that they don’t already have the gift. It can be nerve-wracking! It can be even more so if the person you’re buying a gift for is hearing impaired and you’re unsure of what they may find most useful.
The good news is that there is a wealth of gift ideas out there for that special hearing impaired person in your life. From budget-friendly homemade gifts to things to do out on the town, these are eight of the best gifts for someone with hearing impairment:
Practical Gifts
Whether the person you’re buying a gift for prefers no-frills choices or you see a need to be filled in their daily routine, these gifts can be a great choice:

  • Headphones – This gift often comes in handy, but may not be the first thing someone would buy for himself or herself. There are a variety of headphone styles out there including over the ear, on the ear, bone conduction and ear buds. The type you choose to purchase will depend on the individual’s hearing loss and whether or not they use a hearing aid. Ask the person’s friends and family, subtly get information from the person, or talk to a local hearing health care provider to determine the best option.
  • Alarm clocks – Not all alarm clocks are created equal, especially when you have hearing loss. Specially designed clocks that can simulate sunrise with increasingly brighter light are one option for those with hearing impairment. Another option is a vibrating alarm clock. There are several varieties of these, some even worn as a bracelet to gently wake the wearer.

More research is coming out about the benefits of experiences when it comes to overall happiness. These choices can help enrich the person’s life while showing them how much you care:

  • Movie Passes – Many movie theaters, including cinema giants AMC and Regal, offer several options for viewing with hearing impairment. Passes or gift cards to these theaters can be a great option for the movie buff or anyone who enjoys a good flick. Check with your local movie theater to verify what assistive technology they offer prior to purchasing passes as a gift.
  • Museums – Museum memberships can make a thoughtful and long-lasting gift. Like movie theaters, many museums now offer assistive technology such as listening devices for self-guided tours that make it easier than ever for those with hearing impairment to enjoy all they have to offer.

All That Glitters
Creativity abounds when it comes to specialized jewelry for the hearing impaired. These gift ideas are as beautiful as they are functional:

  • Jewelry – Whether it’s a necklace that informs others that the wearer is hearing impaired or ASL earrings, these gifts are making function fabulous.
  • Hearing aid decorations – Add some sparkle or fun to their hearing aids with specially designed decorations and charms. There are so many options to choose from when you’re looking for gifts. This list of shops and designers can get you started.

Heartfelt Homemade
When you’d rather give a more personal gift, these ideas can help you find just the way to say you care:

  • Useful Coupons – One of the most valuable gifts you can give is your time, and that’s what this choice is all about. Coupons such as driving the person to their hearing evaluation or dinner at a favorite (non-noisy) restaurant can be great options for gift coupons.
  • Hearing care kit – This kit is as practical as it is thoughtful. This kit is as practical as it is thoughtful. Your gift is sure to be appreciated as it is filled with essentials such as extra hearing aid batteries and cleaning supplies.

Whether your goal is practical or heartfelt, these gift ideas for someone with hearing impairment can help you give the perfect present for every occasion.

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