The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss

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There are social, emotional and medical signs of a hearing loss for yourself and loved ones. It’s too easy to stick your head in a hole in the ground and ignore the signs. A hesitancy to reach out for help is not unusual. But it’s important to note what our friends tell us that with our heads in that hole, while another vital body part is fully exposed. So, let’s avoid the awkwardness of that scenario. Here are some of the loss signals you may recognize:

  • Medical: Is there a family history of hearing impairment? Are you taking meds that may contribute to a loss of hearing?
  • Social: Are you forever asking for a repeat? Are you always cranking up the volume on the television or radio? Do you have an annoying ringing or buzzing in your ears?
  • Emotional: Are you straining to hear people around you? Do you feel nervous, embarrassed, or annoyed because you’re not sure what someone just said? Have you started backing away from social settings?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consider a visit for our audiology services. Audiology is the highest level of hearing healthcare you can find, and our audiologists can test, diagnose and help manage your potential hearing issue, no matter your age. We know your first visit may be intimidating, and we can assure you that it is remarkably similar to visiting any other medical professional.
If you continue to try and avoid a possible issue with hearing loss, the implications are unpleasant and uncomfortable as well. The consequences of doing so are often physiological, social and emotional.
Friends, hearing loss, is not an “old age” issue, it can touch any life, any gender, race, and age. Some of the things you may experience if you continue to neglect your hearing include:

  • Anger, stress, weariness, loneliness
  • Social rejection, irritability, avoidance
  • Reduced memory and alertness, job and academic performance
  • Cause additional overall health concerns

Be aware of situations you place yourself in that may be harming your hearing. Events and other things like: power tools, music concerts, car races or other sporting events, motorcycles, firearms, boats, bars and dance clubs, law enforcement, emergency medical professionals, factory or construction work, mining or farming. These are all fun events and needed occupations, and we certainly don’t intend to discourage anyone from participating. We do suggest you consider wearing some hearing protection in these circumstances.
Please don’t allow any of the following myths associated with hearing the loss enter your mind:

  • My family doctor would have noticed and told me if I had hearing loss. The truth is, your family doctor may not be checking your hearing unless you make the specific request.
  • Hearing loss is expected at your age. No, it’s not, and potential treatments are available!
  • Hearing loss is an ailment limited to old age. No, please try to stop thinking that way as it contributes to the negative stigma that already exists. Did you know that less than one-half of those who have hearing loss are over 64 years of age? It’s true!
  • I may have trouble with one ear, but the other one is fine. That may perhaps be true, but it could also be an illusion. Why take that chance?

Take action today by contacting our office can not only help to prevent further loss, but can likely improve what you hear today.

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