Tips To Keep In Mind When Celebrating Your Mom’s First Mother’s Day With A Hearing Aid

Young boy celebrating mother's day

This Mother’s Day, like so many Mother’s Days before it, will be filled with flowers and cards, brunches, and special trips out. No matter what age, mothers everywhere will enjoy this special day filled with warm thoughts, loving embraces, and kind words. And while being surrounded by loved ones is often gift enough, most of us try to give our moms a little something special, whether it be a small gift or a day out.
Mother’s Day should be special, especially for those moms who suffer from hearing loss, whether mild, moderate, or severe. For moms with first time hearing aids, special occasions such as Mother’s Day may feel daunting. The thought of spending any time in a crowded restaurant or a family get together may be stressful for those moms still adjusting to living with a hearing aid.
With this in mind, there are still numerous ways you can make Mother’s Day special for your mom without overwhelming her with the challenges of living with a hearing aid. Although some traditions may need to be adjusted a bit, you can still easily give your mother a special day she won’t forget.

Gauge Your Mom’s Comfort Level

Working with a new hearing aid can be an adjustment, especially depending on the severity of the hearing loss. The type and strength of the hearing aid will have a lot to do with the adjustment period needed to get used to living with it.
Talk to your mom about how she’s doing with her new hearing aid. Get a feel for how comfortable she may be in environments that may be noisy, if that is part of your Mother’s Day routine.
If your mother has had her hearing aids a while, she may feel fine about continuing with standard Mother’s Day traditions, whether that be brunch at a restaurant or a day out. If she has severe hearing loss, or her hearing aid is still rather new, she may feel more comfortable with a low key Mother’s Day.

Avoid Noisy Environments

If necessary, avoid crowded places such as popular restaurants. Going out for an enjoyable Mother’s Day is still quite possible. Look for restaurants that feature more compartmentalized seating areas instead of large cafeteria style dining. The restaurant size doesn’t matter as much as how the interior seating is arranged. Booths with high walls will go a long way in helping to reduce noise.

Change It Up

Alternatively you can plan to prepare a meal for your mom at home with a little ahead of time planning.  With the wonderful world of apps and cooking channels, gourmet cooking can be done fairly well with a little bit of prep work and attention. And your mom will feel just as pampered and special.  
Alternative activities that can be planned in exchange for a crowded, noisy restaurant include shopping at a local nursery or garden center for perennial flowers or trees that can be planted in your mother’s yard, going to a local park for a picnic, or attending smaller sized, more intimate events.
With a little bit of planning ahead, you can be sure to make this Mother’s Day as special as all the ones before it for your mom and her new hearing aid.

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