Hearing Aid Fittings

We carefully help our patients select the very best hearing aids to suit their unique lifestyles, hearing needs, and budgets.

Once you’ve decided on the right hearing aid for your situation, we then ‘fit’ the hearing aid by adjusting its settings to your hearing capacity and physical comfort on the very same day you try them on. Our follow-up fitting schedule is customized to your individual needs, and typically we see patients weekly until they feel completely comfortable with their devices.

All follow-up services are included as part of the warranty of the hearing aids purchased in our office, and you won’t ever have to worry about being stuck with a pair of hearing aids that you don’t love. Every pair of hearing aids we offer comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to get used to the hearing aids you’ve chosen, try them in different environments, and get several readjustments to fine tune them just right.

When you visit us for your hearing health, we’re invested in your hearing success! Contact our office to learn more.

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