Hearing Evaluations

Although it may come as a surprise, getting your hearing tested can actually be an enjoyable experience. In our office, we focus our hearing evaluations on a complete and thorough examination of your hearing and ears, and take the time to explain what we’re doing and seeing every step of the way. Our patients often comment on how interesting it is to learn about the inner workings of their ears and how comforting it is to know exactly what is going on in there.

Your hearing evaluation appointment will begin with a complete physical examination of your ears inside and out. If earwax is the cause of your hearing problems, we may use a specialized video camera (called a video otoscope) to show you inside of your ear canal and give you a look at the wax build up that’s been causing you trouble..

After your ears have been examined, you’ll then be asked to sit inside our sound booth so we can perform a full battery of audiological tests to evaluate your hearing capacity. These tests are designed to highlight exactly what kind help you need and the likely cause of your hearing issues. There is always a chance that you may be suffering from temporary hearing loss, and the tests help us understand your unique situation.

Once the audiological tests are finished, we review what they revealed in full detail. You don’t ever have to worry about feeling rushed in our office. Making sure that you know about the status of your hearing health and the best options to support you is always our first priority..

Contact us today to learn more about your hearing health and your many options for going forward.

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