Why Choose An Audiologist?

When deciding who to see for your hearing needs, audiologists offer the highest level of expertise and professionalism available. There is a vast difference in education and training between licensed audiologists (Au.D or M.A./M.S.) and hearing aid dispensers (sometimes referred to by the initials HAD, HAS, or HID). Audiologists complete a minimum of 8 years of collegiate education, and are the only hearing professionals who are university trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing disorders. By contrast, hearing aid dispensers merely need to pass a licensing test that often only requires a high school diploma to be eligible. Due to their extensive training, audiologists are the only hearing professionals licensed to perform earwax (or cerumen) removal and to get to the bottom of what is actually causing your hearing problems. Perhaps the most important reason to choose an audiologist, however, is the professional oath that each doctor must take in order to practice. Every licensed audiologist has pledged to a vocation, and in order to maintain their license, must always practice in the best interest of the patient. This means that our professional advice and recommendations are always aimed at providing you with the most appropriate solutions, no matter what. We are committed to the ethical guidelines of our profession and never try to “sell” to our patients, but instead aim to educate and guide them toward the best options for their hearing health.

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