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Hearing Aid Insurance Information

Most plans do not automatically cover hearing healthcare or hearing aids. Even if you have it, insurance coverage for hearing aids varies in the way it is administered. If you want to ask specific questions about the type of coverage you have, simply look at your insurance card to find a toll-free number for member services. Calling your insurance company is the best way to get the most accurate information about your coverage.

There is a wide variety of healthcare insurances and coverage options. Some are listed below with more information and helpful links.


Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not cover hearing aids.

However, Medicare-eligible beneficiaries may still have options for hearing coverage—either through a state Medicaid program (for those who receive Medicaid) or through a Medicare Advantage plan.

State Medicaid programs

Medicaid could cover hearing aids, depending on your coverage and where you live.

Click here to learn more about Medicaid programs offered state-by-state.

Medicare Advantage plan

Medicare Advantage (also called Part C or MA) could cover hearing aids because plans vary by location, and benefits included also vary from plan to plan. To learn more about coverage in your area, you can search using the Medicare Plan Finder or call your local Medicare office.

Hearing Aid Options at Hearing Healthcare Associates

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